Welcome to Over the Brim: a life filled up and overflowing. I'm Shanda, a mama creatively living and loving in Nashville, TN, sharing bits and pieces along the way.  I love Jesus, truth and beauty, books, coffee, and being intentional with my family. I value vulnerability and togetherness and so, I write here and invite you in. 

Creativity is...

Creativity is...

Creativity is a lot of things.

Creativity is time consuming.

It takes practice and investment.

It's risky and costly.

There are no right answers, no defined right and wrong way.

Creativity is messy. 

It's not worrying about getting chalk on your pants. 

It's hard, even infuriating. 

It's never a sure bet. 

Creativity is vulnerable and honest. 

It asks questions but isn't afraid of not finding answers. 

Creativity is valuable. 

It's the only way real, positive change can ever happen. 

Creativity is a world explored and a mind used.

It's limits pushed and expanded. 

It's Hope showing up in the world through us.

It's Kindness to yourself and to others. 

Creativity is Life expressed. 

It's the Creator, in us, coming out. 

Creativity is not just poems written and paintings painted.

Creativity is you being your fullest you and me being my fullest me. 

It's new and fresh.  

It's old and polished.  

Creativity is a lot of things. 

Easy isn't one of them, but worth it is.


What does creativity look like in your life? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment below! 

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3rdRace.org: Creating with the Creator

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