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I miss home. I am home. It's a jumbled mess, and that's okay.

I miss home. I am home. It's a jumbled mess, and that's okay.

My heart and mind have a tendency, every now and again, to get a bit muddled up about "Home." My family and I recently got back from a wonderful trip to my home-state, California, and that muddled up feeling is happening again.

I feel so torn between places and people. The world feels so big and so small. 

I'm a wanderer by nature and, I think, by the Lord's design. I love exploring. I love new. I love different. Change doesn't scare me (most of the time). It's exciting, and I crave it!

I wandered where He led me. CA > TX > China > CA > Nashville.

Here the Lord has given me (and my family) a place of rootedness. He told me so. He didn't tell me it was forever, but he made it clear that, for a time, this is home -- among His people, my people. 

I didn't often dream of putting down roots and if I did, I didn't ask that it be so far away from my other people (my biological family, my college-friends-who-are-family, etc.) or from the ocean and palm trees. The Lord gave it to me, as an unexpected and beautiful gift. 

I am reminding myself of that this week. This is a gift. I came here to be a part of an expression of His Body, His Bride, His House. It is beautiful and glorious and unique and what he has for me. My husband and my son were given to me here; and while Nashville is not San Diego, it's pretty great, full of life, culture, and pretty spaces. 

I'm learning about seasons here, and the beauty and the love He shares with us through them. There's a kind of glory you experience when, the majority of your days, the weather stays between 65-85 degrees (I love you SD!); but there's something about watching winter turn to spring, and spring turn to summer, and summer turn to fall, and fall turn to winter, that I think has made my life richer. 

I long for sunny breezy beach days and views of palm trees; but I delight in watching the leaves return to the twiggy trees in my neighborhood. I miss my family who are so far away and I long for my son to see them more often; but I delight in this beautiful spiritual family he is growing up in, too, and I'm not ready or desiring (most days) to leave. I hope for days of living in foreign lands, probably even farther from home, and immersing my family in a different culture. I dream of life in an RV, traveling our country and learning from other people's stories and our history along the way. I want to live in every city. Really. I just love cities!

It all feels like too much and like maybe I'm broken. How can I want all these things, all so much?! Is there time? Can we do them all? Does it even matter? Does the Lord have entirely other plans?! We want our wants only if He Has them for us, His ways. 

We don't know. 

We know He rooted us here, and that we need more time. We know He is here. We know that He, His House, His Body, His Bride is truly our home and worth any cost. We know that he intimately knows us, better than we know ourselves. We know He is trustworthy and faithful.  We know that the longings of our hearts, the people we are missing,  the places we can't be today, and the love of all that is, has been, or ever will be "home" is pointing us to Him. 

He is enough. He is everything. 

I miss home. I am home. It's a jumbled mess, and that's okay. 

It seems that we, like Jesus before us, will know trouble and displacement. We will be called away from so many great loves: love of family, love of our familiar fields. But we will also be tasked with the work of cultivating new homes and new fields and new relationships. We will wander. We will come home. But always we will follow.
— Roots and Sky by Christie Purifoy
Detail of "A Place to Land"    6x6x1.5 inch oil on canvas by Shanda Scherdin

Detail of "A Place to Land"  

6x6x1.5 inch oil on canvas by Shanda Scherdin

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