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What I read // January

What I read // January


State of Wonder by Ann Patchett -  I've read a few of Patchett's books and have enjoyed them all, so I picked this up a while ago at a local used book store. It sat on my shelves waiting for its turn when it was chosen as the January book for my neighborhood book club! I'm so glad that encouraged me to finally pick it up. I loved it. I kinnnnnda hated the ending. Kinda. I also really loved it. It's set in the Amazon region of Brazil (an area I've been lucky to spend time in!) and she does a great job with the setting! It's got adventure, search for identity, science/medicine, ethics, mystery, and characters you love and some that might make you mad. 

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K White - This author writes a blog called "A Slob Comes Clean." And I love her. I grabbed this book on my kindle when it was on sale for $1.99, and have put off reading it because there's always something more exciting than managing my home. But, I bought it because I wanted to read it!!!' So read it, I finally did. I found it inspirational and instructive for those of us who aren't naturally the most organized and motivated to mop floors. There were some really great tips! 

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield -  This is a classic in the world of books on creativity and process, and for good reason! It's another kindle book (plus audio) that I grabbed on a sale because I've always wanted to read it. And! Reading it is one of the reasons Indecided to go ahead and restart my blog, even if I can't do it perfectly. 


New Day by Milt Rodriguez - This author is a good friend and brother in the Christ. I grabbed a pile of his books at a conference a while back and hadn't ever read this one, so I picked up to start the New Year beholding Christ as New. It's a spiritually rich book that really started off the year with a beautiful bang of truth that I needed. 

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline -  I grabbed this one during an audible sale. Someone in my book club mentions it as one of their favorites, so when I needed a fiction book to listen to, it felt like the right time. I really enjoyed it and learned about some history I wasn't familiar with. 

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson -  I listened to the audio of this book after it was recommended to me by an artist friend I met on instagram. I LOVED it. The language is beautiful. The characters are deep and layered. As soon as I finished listening to it, I wanted to go buy a copy of it and the two books that came after and then read them every year. So, I grabbed copies of them all at a used book store and am excited to dive into the other books later this year. 

How did I do on the goals I set at the start of the month? 

  • Read part of a spiritual book every day. ✅
  • Re-read an old favorite ✅
  • Read at least 1 unread physical book ✅
  • Read at least 1 unread kindle book ✅
  • Read at least 1 unread audio book ✅
  • Read at least 1 Overdrive hold 1/2

I did start an Overdrive book, but I wasn't digging it so I abandoned it. So, technically I did take one of my "to read" shelf. 


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