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What I read // February

What I read // February

This month I read 4 books, barely. (I finished the two today!) 3 were from my shelves and were books I'd been looking forward to for a good while. The other book, I checked out at the library for book club. 4 books was less than I hoped to read in February, but enough nonetheless! I didn't set any particular goal for the month because I just knew what books I wanted to read next and worked on getting through that list.

I read:

1. The Husband's Secret - This was my book club's book this month. It wasn't what I expected. I probably would never have picked it up on my own and, if I did, I would probably have abandoned it. I was mad at it at various points throughout the story, and I had all sorts of conflicting feelings at the end of the book. But, maybe that's a sign of a well written book? If you want a book go make you feel things, this one is a good pick. 

2. Chasing Slow - Anything with the word slow in it tends to grab my attention. It's a word that's brought a lot of life and intention to my life. And this book did those things too. It's a memoir by a designer who becomes a mother and loves Jesus. My life is super different than hers, and yet I could identify with her story and was certainly encouraged by it. 

3. Americanah - This is a book I've been wanting to read for a while but it's 500 plus pages kept me putting it off. I'm so glad I finally picked it up! It's a captivating narrative with compelling characters, including the main character who is a Nigerian who lives for many years in America and then returns to Nigeria. During some of her years in the US, she writes a popular blog about race from a non American black's perspective. The book is sprinkled with blog posts. I really appreciated how they added to the story. 

4. Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen - Nouwen is one of my favorite spiritual authors, at least partially because he comes from a stream of Christianity that is so different from how I grew up and his perspective adds a lot to my understanding of Jesus and life in Him. This book is very different than the other works of his I have read because he writes it for a particular friend and uses a bit of a different tone than usual. That aspect of the book had some pluses and minuses, but despite that, there were parts of this book that really deeply resonated with my spirit and I will be simmering on those and coming back to it again and again. 


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